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Mickey Mouse Born

When Was Mickey Mouse Born


When was Mickey Mouse born? The creation of this character took place in 1928. American animators Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney collaborated for this project. Officially, the birthday of this cute animal character was November 18, 1928. However, he was able to appear in a much earlier date of May 15, 1928 in the animated cartoon entitled “Plane Crazy.” There he debuted with another lovable mouse character named Minnie.

In 1928, specifically during spring, Iwerks started to draw new characters for Disney. He made a lot of sketches that featured different kinds of animals including cats and dogs. He also came up with other ideas such as a horse and a cow. These concepts did not meet the expectations of Disney. Soon after, the two animators came up with the idea of a mouse character.

At first, the character was referred to as Mortimer Mouse. However, the name did not appeal to Disney’s wife, who later on suggested to change the name to Mickey Mouse. From then on, the popularity of this character skyrocketed. Up to now, he is still known for his appealing, human-like and cute personality.

Other Relevant Information and Details

From a simple and cute cartoon character, this lovely mouse has propelled into much greater heights. It was 1929, barely a year after its creation, when the first Mickey Mouse Club was organized. On January 13, 1930, his rise to fame is simply unstoppable. That day became his first appearance in a comic strip. Soon after, his first Technicolor film arrived when he starred in “The Band Concert.”

Another impressive feat that he accomplished was a spot at the prestigious and world-renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame. It happened on November 18, 1978, which made him the very first cartoon character to have earned such impressive award.

Furthermore, he also has been featured in numerous video games. Some of the most popular of which include Sega Genesis’ Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Super Nintendo Entertainment System’s Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse and the Game Boy Advance title Disney’s Magical Quest. He has also played different kinds of roles. On April 25, 1929, he appeared as a soldier in “The Barnyard Battle.” On April 18, 1929, he played as a regular mouse in “When the Cat’s Away.” On March 14, 1929, he portrayed the role of a suitor in “The Barn Dance.”

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