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Simple Image Holder

Simple Image Holder

Have you ever wanted to just put a jpg image or a gif animation without having to deal with the banners component each time you want to add an image.. look no further.. this simple module offers viewing any image (jpg, gif, png ...etc) (such as advertisements or announcements) in a module. the admin can resize the image to any size, he can also link this picture to any page, he can also specify how to open the new link (new window, or same window), its even possible to publish and unpublish the image according to dates!.. its an extremely useful replacement of the rather complicated (banners) component, and now, you can even add flash files!.

### Features (latest version) ###
for all media types:
* simply place any image type (jpg, gif, png, ..etc) or any flash file (swf) in any module position on your site.
* you can change the size (width and height) of the (image/flash) to fit your need.
* you can choose to publish and unpublish the (image/flash) according to dates: (a specific date, a monthly date, a yearly date, ..etc).

for images:
* you can link the image to a URL address.
* you can change the opacity of the image.
* you can add a (mouse over) opacity to the image.

for flash files:
* you can enable or disable flash looping after the flash finishes playing.
* you can choose the flash's quality: (Low, Medium, High, Best, Auto Low, Auto High).
* you can choose the flash's display type: (Window, Opaque, Transparent).

If you like the module, please take the time to write a small review.. any suggestions are welcomed..


### Change Log for 1.5.10
* fixed an issue with flash files when width and/or height attributes are left, If they're left empty in the module admin area, they will be set to 160 px each, so that the flash can be displayed proberly on most browsers.
* fixed an issue where when the link contains the "&" character, it breaks xhtml validation.


### Change Log for 1.5.9
* Added flash support!. now you can put flash files inside Simple Image Holder.
* Fixed the unpublish date, as it unpublished the image the day after the (end date) instead of the (end date) itself.

### Change Log for 1.5.8
* fixed an issue with SEF Sites in which sometimes the image wont show in deep directories.
* fixed a minor css issue.
* added the (title) tag to the image.

### Change Log for 1.5.7
* added (Image Opacity on Mouse Over) field.

### Change Log for 1.5.6
* Added the option to publish the image according to dates (start date) and (end date).

### Change Log for 1.0.5 & 1.5.5
* Added Image Opacity field, the admin can now edit image opacity.

### Change Log for 1.0.4 & 1.5.4
* Added Module Class Suffix field.

### Change Log for 1.0.3 & 1.5.3
* Code was rewritten to be valid X

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